Roosevelt Society of Rhode Island


is an organization focused on engaging citizens in discussion and action concerning major policy issues affecting Rhode Island taxpayers. The Roosevelt Society promotes fiscal responsibility and educating voters as part of vital community service.

The State of Rhode Island has been under Democrat rule and detrimental liberal governance for more than 80 years. Center right voices have been silenced and our economy has suffered. General Assembly leaders have used their extraordinary power to ignore not only the will of the people, but their best interests.

Rhode Island has one of the worst jobs climates in the country, as it has bounced along the bottom of numerous rating organizations. In the most recent, our state  ranks 48th in the category of business friendliness. Hard-working Rhode Islanders are over-burdened.  Our state ranks 5th highest in overall tax burden and commercial property taxes are 4th highest in our capital city. These statistics are a result of bad policy enacted over the past decades. The goal of the Roosevelt Society is to reverse these damaging trends through active participation of our citizens in the political process.

The Roosevelt Society encourages public conversation and debate on important issues of the day. We seek to engage the participation of Rhode Islanders in the political process. Realizing that the  votes of Representatives and Senators in the General Assembly are the only action that can change bad policy or further good laws, we also support center right candidates. Two years ago, thanks to generous donations, we were able to target seven winnable races in the General Assembly. We prepared factual information and created mailers for each race. As a result of our efforts, we picked up five of the seven seats, doubling the legislative presence of Center-Right advocates.

Unfortunately we had a discouraging loss recently. In response to the State leaders demand for legislation to toll our major highways and permanently collect a minimum of $45 million annually, we launched a NO TOLLS program. We ran radio advertisements on all major music and talk radio stations to inform and engage the public.  The response from hardworking Rhode Islanders was overwhelmingly positive. Legislators received hundreds of emails and phone calls opposing the tolls.

All Republicans and Independent legislators listened to the overwhelming resistance from their constituents, our small business community, consumers and the trucking industry and voted against the tolling plan. Unfortunately , their numbers are not yet large enough to turn away this damaging law. It was passed by the Democrats, despite the strong opposition.  We are not deterred. Our revised goal is Replace and Repeal. The Roosevelt Society plans to field, support and elect center right candidates this fall. We may have lost this battle, but we intend to win the war.

We are optimistic about the upcoming elections. With your help, we can get our current office holders re-elected and double our presence in each house.  That will apply the brakes to the liberal Democrat approach that has left our citizens with an economy that is still struggling to recover from the 2008 recession and continues to pass damaging and destructive laws. We will finally have a voice that will perpetually influence upcoming legislation and ensure they are passed on merit and goodness for average Rhode Islanders and not on political connection. We will advocate for sound, beneficial and constructive legislation, educate through advertisements and public meetings and reignite the sluggish economy that is hurting Rhode Island families and job seekers.

These are attainable goals. Your generosity will help us promote practical principles, ensure good governance and enact solid policies that will bring businesses back to Rhode Island.


Executive Committee

Dr. Daniel Harrop, President

Daniel S. Harrop, M.D., M.B.A., received his B.A. and M.D. degrees from Brown University, and his M.B.A. from Edinburgh Business School, Scotland. A Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, he is board certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry.  He was formerly on the faculties of the medical schools at Harvard and Brown Universities, and is a Past President of the RI Psychiatric Society and the RI Group Psychotherapy Society. He serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the RI Workers Compensation Court, on the Continuing Medical Education Committee of the RI Medical Society, and is a consultant to four of the five largest psychiatric managed care companies.  He is a past Chairman continuing member of the Board of the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity, a 501c3 policy think tank, and Chairman of the Finance Committee of the RI Republican Party.


Sean-John Reidy, Executive Director

Mr. Reidy has held many successful positions during his eclectic career. Associated with the the legendary "Cafe Budapest" as a manager. Worked in the production department for Priscilla Gowns of Boston. Joined the high end "Tiger Lily" Flower and Event Shoppe in Boston.  Assistant Manager at The Algonquin Club in Boston. Club Manager for the prestigious Alpine Country Club in Cranston, RI.  Administrator for the Jewelry Manufacturers Association in Providence, consisting of 72 permanent showrooms for manufacturers of Fashion Jewelry. Director of Catering and Special Events for Dave's Market Place Corp., East Greenwich, RI.

Eileen G. Grossman, Vice President and Secretary

Eileen G. Grossman serves as Vice President and Secretary and was tapped because of her expertise in grass roots initiatives. Ms. Grossman has worked on the last three presidential campaigns in a leadership position. Eileen also served as the volunteer coordinator of a congressional campaign and in 2012 she was an alternate delegate for Mitt Romney in 2012. She serves on the board of the Rhode Island Republican Party chairing the Nominating Committee. She is currently employed by the City of Cranston and holds a position in the Finance Department. Ms. Grossman is the mother of two successful daughters that she reared as a single Mom after her husband’s untimely early death. She believes in giving back to the community and is passionate about her civic responsibility. She knows what it is like to have to close a seventy-five year old business because of our national economy and the high Rhode Island taxation. She devotes her spare time to women’s issues, responsible government, engaging the community and serves on the Arthritis Foundation Walk for the Cure Rhode Island Committee.